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PROSSIMAMENTE IN LIBRERIA, novembre 2019. L’annuncio di Neri Pozza ci rende felici. Perchè L’isola dei fucili di Amitav Ghosh giunge carico di promesse. Ottime recensioni per questo romanzo di un grande narratore, capace di affrontare temi come le migrazioni, i cambiamenti climatici, il rapporto tra presente e passato, territorio e uomo…
“What I would say is that Gun Island has all my passions, interests and obsessions within its pages. Virtually everything I’ve written has been about people moving, migrating, carried away from one place to another. I’ve always written about natural environments and engagements with animals going right back to the elephants in The Glass Palace. And yet it’s very different to anything I’ve done before.” Ha scritto l’autore.

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